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Student Life

A school is not a building, but a collection of students that embody a community. We are blessed with an incredible student body that nurture and support each other.  We help facilitate that by dividing the school population into “Houses” (groups of 10 children ensuring there are students from each grade in the group). Once a month the Houses gather to socialize and eat lunch together, then they compete against the other houses in a fun activity. This ensures the students know and appreciate other students beside the ones in their grade.

We also encourage positive behaviour by recognizing and rewarding students that go above and beyond the call of duty to help others in the school. When a student is “caught” helping others without being asked to, we recognize them in our chapel service with a certificate, and then at the end of the month we reward them with a pizza lunch with the principal.

We also encourage students to forgive one another when differences arise. Just as Christ has forgiven us, in a similar manner we forgive others. This allows students to put any wrongs behind them and move forward with a clean slate.