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Grade 1 To 6 Program

Students are naturally inquisitive about the world that surrounds them. Our program at SML Christian Academy is a blend of “teacher directed” and “student guided,” providing for active, dynamic learning of the academic curriculum.

ElementaryChristian Studies:

One In Christ is the basis for our Christian Studies program that covers stories from the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible. The students apply their knowledge of each lesson in the various workbook exercises. Singing songs and hymns as well as memory work of bible verses and chief parts of Luther’s Small Catechism also complement the program.


Math Makes Sense is the program used for the Mathematics curriculum. It is an excellent program helping students develop a positive attitude toward mathematics and providing for a base of knowledge and skills related to Numbers, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability.

Language Arts:

Reading and comprehension skills are developed through a variety of short stories, novels, non-fiction articles and poetry. We really encourage Home Reading as a means of practicing and improving reading skills. Spelling is exercised through writing, practicing a weekly list of words and completing activities related to the list words. Teachers also continue to encourage the students to work on and remember the phonograms they have learned. Grammar and writing skills are expanded as students write creative stories, letters, newspaper articles, brochures, reports and journal entries.


Science is the study of God’s creation as a way of learning about the world based on exploration, curiosity, observations, experimentation and interpretations of evidence. The scientific activities provide for a base of knowledge and theory used in predicting, interpreting and explaining natural phenomena. Our science program is very experiential in nature.

Social Studies:

The Social Studies program utilizes critical thinking skills in all aspects of the curriculum. Topics include the study of many different communities from around the world based on its history, customs and ways of life. In Division 3 the topics turn to Alberta’s Regions and History, plus Democracy, Government and Citizenship. The concepts of historical and geographical thinking are applied to all aspects of the curriculum.

ArcheryPhysical Education and Health:

Health and Physical Education are important parts of the program to give children time to learn about a healthy lifestyle. Regular classes on students learning physical skills will help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle in the future. Swimming lessons are part of our program each year.


In Art students have the opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Art activities are based on themes or celebrations throughout the year. Students are taught drawing, shading, colour relations, texture, crafts and a variety of artistic skills. Art Class


The music program at SML Christian Academy is given to all students in grades one to six. Students learn and memorize a variety of hymns and other Christian songs. Children are taught music theory where they learn to read music from a staff. With these skills, the students learn to play various instruments such as the recorder and handbells.

The students have a variety of reward systems throughout the year based on completed homework, passed tests and assignments, an agenda book being signed by a parent and positive behaviour.