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About Us

SML Christian Academy has had a long and interesting history. While we were officially established (as St. Matthew Lutheran School) in 1905, the roots of the school go as far back as 1894 when classes were first held within people’s homes. When Alberta became a province the school was officially registered on the provincial books. 

After World War I began, the province closed the school over concerns that courses were taught in German. Schooling was so important to these people that the entire congregation considered emigrating to Mexico in order to keep their school. When the government realized how serious these people were, a decision was made to cooperate and ensure there would be a quality education for the students of the Stony Plain area.

Today we continue to welcome all students through our doors, regardless of race, religion, or wealth. We want everyone who desires to have a Christ-centered education to be part of our school. In 2014 we decided to remove all tuition to better fulfill that goal, and we are glad to have students from a variety of backgrounds.